Latest Tyre Technology

Latest Tyre Technology

Run Flat tyres are specifically designed to maintain a vehicle’s mobility following a puncture. Run Flat tyres work by having much thicker sidewalls compared to those of a normal tyre. They also have tough rubber inserts meaning that they can continue to hold the weight of the vehicle even when the air pressure inside the tyre drops after a puncture. A Run Flat tyre is designed with safety in mind as it will allow the driver to continue to safely drive home or to the nearest garage to get the tyre changed rather than being left stranded roadside or attempting to change their tyre themselves. Not only that, Run Flat tyres also greatly reduce the risk of a blow out or loss of control of the vehicle due to their unique construction. In conventional tyres a blow out occurs when the sidewall of the tyre becomes separated from the rim flange and drops into the well of the wheel. This happens when there is a drop in air pressure. Run Flats do not mean that you can keep driving forever after a puncture. It is estimated that you can drive on a run flat for anything between 50-100 miles at 50mph or less, but this figure will vary based on vehicle tyre, load and driving conditions.

Along with the safety benefits of Run Flat tyres, they can also offer economical benefits. Some run-flat tyres can improve fuel efficiencies due to their internal structure which ensures a reduction in tyre deformation compared to conventional tyres. Not only that but having Run Flat tyres means that you do not need to carry a spare wheel; reducing weight of the vehicle and improving fuel efficiencies further. Generally you should avoiding mixing conventional tyres with Run Flat tyres on a vehicle as handling characteristics may differ. You should follow the tyre manufactures guidelines but if you are unsure then please get in touch, our experts will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Typically, the lifespan of a Run Flat tyre is the same as a conventional tyre as the materials used in their construction are the same therefore resulting in similar wear rates. However, the life of any tyre very much depends on keeping the correct air pressure to ensure its longevity.

If you can’t find the Run Flat tyres you are looking for then please get in touch with GRT and we’ll do our best to source your tyre or find a suitable alternative.

Winter Tyres are also becoming more popular but are very expensive and are only effective at very cold temperatures. Our advice is if you are worried about driving in the snow then avoid doing so.

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